Ahh Summer Time…

October 17, 2008
I am really, really going to miss summer

I am really, really going to miss summer

I just got back from a late evening fishing trip at our community pier and I’m here to tell you that summer time has left the building.  I checked the temperature gauge on my way too big, way too thirsty Man-Transport (i.e. Dodge Ram Quad Cab) when we got to our fishing spot and it registered 58 degrees.  Luckily, I was dressed for the weather in cargo shorts and flip flops and only had to get wet to my upper thighs when I carried the boys out to the start of the pier (the tide was in- typical Shane luck).  It was then that I realized that summer had somehow escaped and didn’t even have the decency to give me a kiss before sneaking out the back door.  I looked at the calendar tonight when I got home and, holy shit, its the third week of October!!!

So what does that mean?  It means no more beers poolside, no more bare feet trouncing through fresh cut grass, lightening bugs will soon fall dead to the earth and my kids will be trapped indoors for about four months until the spring thaw allows them access to the outside world.  Not sure how your kids handle the winter season, but my boys are like orangutans; they don’t do well in captivity.

So why the summery photo?  This is a photo from our family cruise last January.  This is how we survived the winter.  Right when things were at their bleakest we packed our trash and jumped on a giant boat (one that I am not cleaning, paying for, or storing) and skipped off to sunny locations in the Caribbean.  I will say that it may have been the most glorious week of my life.  The beer flowed like… well it flowed like beer, beer flows on cruise ships, they’re magical places.  We danced, we swam, we devoured an entire buffet.  Life on board a giant luxury cruise ship is fan-friggin-tabulous.

So wish me luck, economic crisis be damned, I’m going to take the family on another cruise this winter.

*As an aside ,check out Cayden’s goggles.  Little known fact about Cay, he loves the water but only if he can wear swimming goggles so tightly fastened to his head that they pressure lock his eyeballs open.

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