When is Summer coming back?

November 29, 2008

As we decompress from Thanksgiving and prepare for even shittier weather, I find myself thinking more and more about summer.  These thoughts could be spurred by Mack’s insistence that “38 degrees is good fishing weather” or maybe by the fact that I’ll be retired next summer so thinking of warm weather keeps me trudging along.  Regardless of the reason, I think about summer a lot.  To keep summer in everyone’s forebrain, I’ll occasionally post a summery picture for motivational purposes.  I’d like to post some photos where I look super cool (something Brad Pitt-ish or at least Zoolander quality), but sadly I’m not super cool, especially when I am with my boys.

I asked Connie for the closest “cool” picture that she had of me and she said they simply don’t exist.  It seems I rarely take a serious photo.  She proved this to me by pulling up 3 months worth of pictures from our point and shoot camera and challenging me to find a single picture where I wasn’t engaging in extreme jack-assery.  The picture posted below was as close to normal as I could find.  Obviously, her point was proven.

Not sure what I was thinking when this gem was snapped.  Maybe I had a giant fish on the end of my line or maybe someone snuck some “Colon Blow” into my beer and its effects caught me off guard.  Not sure which it was, but boy that facial expression is less than suave.

This photo was taken immediately after the offending snapshot above.  What do you think was coursing through Mack’s mind as he watched me pose for the photo?  My guess is “Good God, my dad is a complete dork”.  Cayden, in the background, seems to be trying to coax the fish out of the water with deep, meaningful conversation.  It may appear that he is fishing, but my guess is that the line that should be in the water is actually a tangled mass somewhere beyond the frame of the picture. It’s also likely that the mass of string beyond the frame lacks bait anyway. These are details that Cayden often times forgets.

Regardless of the details, it’s images like these that I can’t wait to make more of as soon as the weather allows.  Summer is when the guys are at their best.  So how many more months must I endure?

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