NYR #13

January 28, 2009

It’s a few minutes past 9am and the boys are once more outside braving the elements. Gone are the majestic flakes fluttering down like a Norman Rockwell painting- they are nowhere to be found. Nope, it rained last night and then dipped below freezing so yesterday’s fluffy snow is now today’s barren ice plain. I wonder how my chances of escaping a trip to the emergency room will fair when matched against these conditions.

Regardless, they are fed, they are bundled, and they are sledding down our meager, ice covered slope. It took Cayden 20 minutes to make it 10-feet due to the slippery conditions. He fell at least 300 times in the process but the smile never left his face. This is the same kid who claimed to be paralyzed after a certain not-to-be-named individual accosted him with a Styrofoam sword last night. I’m a bit confused at the inequity- can’t imagine that the 300 falls he just sustained hurt less than the Styrofoam sword strike, but okay, who am I to question?

The plan for our day off is to let them play outside until the ice thaws. Once the ice thaws, we plan on traveling to the next injury producing event- roller skating.

Remember roller skating? If you’re over 30, you probably have some pretty fond memories of the local roller rink- moonlight skate, ladies choice, the disco roller boogie. “Hey, check me out! I can skate backwards- Don’t I look cool in my “Members Only” jacket?” Of course I was pimping my feathered Scott Baio haircut with a gigantic Goody comb sticking out of my way-too-tight Levi’s back pocket. Good God! I loved the early eighties- someone put on some Rick Springfield or J. Geils Band! I need some theme music.

Scott Baio still a Pimp after all these years

Men are still trying to achieve the impossible standard of masculinity that Chachi Arcola set in the early eighties- it may never be done- only time will tell.


























Sorry, just trying to get warmed up to the idea of roller skating. I was really good at it 25 years ago- so my hope is that I’ll impress the guys with my skill and not break my hip while doing so.

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