NYR #15

February 2, 2009
As stated in an earlier post, I helped Mack build a robot made from household refuse. The intent of the project was to use as many different geometrical shapes as you could find. Part two of the project was to write a paragraph about your robot. Mack was even given the option of typing his narrative. This is his paragraph to go along with the homemade action figure:

The name of my robot is Roboto. I named him Roboto because he is a robot and he is cool that is why I named him Roboto. I made him a helmet out of a wine glass and I made a straw for an air pipe. His body is a rectangular prism . One of his arms is a rectangular prism and his other is a cylinder. His jet-pack is a pyramid with a rocket launcher on it. His legs are both cylinders made out of wrapping paper rolls. I made it on Saturday and I made it with my dad and that was fun too.

Granted, the paragraph doesn’t exactly move you to the edge of your seat- but I believe there is much we can learn about who my boy is from this simple narrative. For instance:

Mack is apparently a fan of early 80’s pop music and the band Styx. However, he was visibly perplexed when I showed him how “down” his old man was by singing this popular 80’s chorus- “Any body gotto Mr. Roboto- domo, domo”. He looked annoyed and walked away- maybe he isn’t as big a fan as I thought.

Mack loves the word prism. He must have gotten this from his mother who firmly believes that I would look really good driving one. Personally, I’m not sold that anyone looks good driving a Geo Prism.

Mack’s selection of helmet building material suggest that our family has excess wine drinking paraphernalia laying around the house- wonder how this went over with his teacher? Come to think of it, if I had to face 7-hours trapped alone with a gang of 8-year olds I’d probably appreciate having a wine glass handy.

The fact that a straw is directly linked to the wine glass suggests that his father was involved in the construction of Mr. Roboto- “domo, domo” (sorry I can’t help myself).

Mack loves his weaponry- even a benign space-being from the future should come equipped with rocket launchers. This was a compromise- his original intent was to give Mr. Roboto some “Edward Scissor Hands” appendages, but I convinced him that was a bit much for third grade.

Finally, the last sentence suggests that the kid really, really loves me forcing homework down his throat on a Saturday morning or that he wrote exactly what I told him to in order to escape further pain.

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