April 12, 2009



I love talking to my youngest after he’s climbed in bed for the night.  For some reason his best nuggets of insight and wisdom seem to spill out just before he closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep.  I have no logical explanation for why this is- so like many things associated with parenting I don’t question I just accept.  Here are just a few examples of how deep a 6-year old boy can be:

The Global War on Terror

Cayden does not like Osama Bin Laden.  Some may find it strange that a 6-year old little boy knows who Osama Bin Laden is, but remember both Mack and Cayden have been exposed to my Marine-ness their entire lives so it should be of no surprise that they hold a post 9/11 grudge.  A couple of nights ago Cayden asked me if “the bad guy with a mustache” was stronger than me.  When I asked him which bad guy he was referring to he told me “Malabin McKnobin” (Osama Bin Laden).   I replied of course not- I’m much stronger than Bin Laden, if I wasn’t he wouldn’t be hiding in a cave hoping not to run into me.  Since Cayden and I often engage in ground fighting after dinner, which he routinely gets the better of me, he deduced that he too must be stronger than Bin Laden.  He’s planning to punch him in the lips on the off chance that they run into each other.  “Tell you what buddy, why don’t you worry about coloring inside the lines and let daddy’s co-workers worry about the “bad man with a mustache”.

Hobo in a cage-

Cayden mentioned he would like to add another item to his ever increasing list of “must haves”.  Cayden requested (1) Hobo in a cage.  Normally I will not support request from my children that in any way violate basic human rights- such as the right to pursue happiness, which a homeless person cannot do if locked in a cage and gifted to a 6-year old little boy.  Thankfully Cayden was not requesting a human Hobo, he was asking for a Hobo Monkey (?).  To date I’ve had no luck locating said  species on the Internet- if in fact this is a factual creature I would appreciate some leads from anyone out there who knows of a good Hobo Monkey breeder.

Blow me a Hug-

Cayden knows sign language for I love you.  He also knows how to blow someone a kiss.  The question I got the other night was is it possible to blow someone a hug?  Before I had a chance to offer my input Cayden came up with a solution.  He wrapped his arms around his body so that each hand rested on the opposite shoulder and then he slowly unfolded them in the direction of the person receiving his airborne hug.  “That’s how you blow someone a hug Dad.”  My stance is that he should patent that shit before it becomes a Facebook phenomenon and someone other than my son gets all the credit.

Cayden on aging-

I recently turned 39 and the boys did a hell of a job helping me celebrate though they couldn’t understand why I wasn’t more excited.  I guess when your still adding half years to your age to demonstrate how mature you are the concept that someone is not thrilled to be one year closer to 40 is hard to fathom.  Regardless, I got special hugs and was paid a great deal of attention that day.  On a side note, Cayden had promised me a new sports car for my birthday but failed to produce- I guess the economy has impacted 6-year old sports car purchasing as much as every other consumer market so I didn’t hold a grudge.  By the end of the day my birthday fun meter was pegged and I was looking forward to lubricating my 39-year old joints with a hearty glass of Carl.  As I was about to leave the boys room to go charge my glass Cayden called me over to his bed.  He gave me one last hug and as he did he told me this:

Cayden- “Dad you’re really old, but don’t worry I’ll tell all my friends you’re ten- I love you Dad, happy birthday.”

Get past the first part where he told me I was really old- everybody looks old when you’re six.  The take away from this short conversation is much more significant- Cayden understood that I wasn’t that excited to enter my last year as a thirty something.  In his own small way he was letting me know not to worry about getting old- as far as he was concerned I was just a kid- and maybe always will be.

I’ll leave you with this.  The kids have been in Ohio for the past 4 days leaving Connie and I to our own devices- and this is what I discovered.  When you’re neck deep in kids and the all of the endless parental requirements that go with you catch yourself yearning to return to those years when life was so much simpler (i.e. no kids).  But the truth is I find myself missing every bit of what being a parent entails the minute the guys walk out the door.  I miss my guys, I can’t wait to see them- I guess that’s how you know you were meant to be a Dad.

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Teri and the cats of Furrydance posted the following on April 12, 2009 at 11:19 pm.

What a nice way to end my day…to read the love!

Jonny C posted the following on April 16, 2009 at 9:33 am.

Great blog! That really made me laugh. Your son might be refering to a “Bobo Monkey” which is one of the two naughty monkey brothers on Go, Diego, Go! My daughter loves the Bobos and we always share a “Bobo Banana” at breakfast. I like Hobo monkey better, but that may be what he is talking about!

shane posted the following on April 18, 2009 at 8:08 am.

Cayden detest all that is Dora/ diego, used to love her/him- but now says it’s a show for little girls. I have a good idea where he got that idea, but Mack isn’t admitting anything. So my bet is that he truly wants a Hobo.

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