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May 9, 2009


To get back to my blogs original intent I wanted to jot down a few factoids for each boy so that they’ll know what they were like as kids. I had Cayden on my mind after a recent post so I went ahead and started with him.

Hey Con, feel free to add things as you see fit- I tried to capture some of the basics.


Here is a list of some of your favorite things: Eggos with a lot of syrup; water (in fact you prefer it over milk); Sponge Bob, computer games, the color yellow, shoes without laces, sweat pants, tank tops (which is funny because you have the skinniest arms I’ve ever seen on a human being), fish sticks and any treat even remotely resembling a cracker. Just to prove my point, you once ate 12-pounds of gold fish in a single afternoon.

Believe it or not you also love school and some kid named Mario- who you lovingly refer to as “Super Mario”. Your academic skills are well above average. You have the neatest handwriting in our family- even if it does take you 20-minutes to write what you refer to as “a perfect letter C”. It’s worth the wait, it’s the best damn “C” I’ve ever seen. Your teachers adore you for more than your scholarly ability they also like your hugs. If writing the letter “C” and giving hugs was an occupation you’d be bringing in bank.

Other stuff you should know: I can make you laugh by crossing my eyes. I often do this at the dinner table when Mom’s not looking and I would get away with it if you would just stop spitting out your milk every time I do it. As an aside I was the one who taught you how to cross your eyes. I taught you lots of other good stuff as well, like how to tie your shoes and the phrase “shut your Pie-Hole” both extremely necessary life skills. After dinner you routinely challenge me to a fight. I would put fighting your old man in the top five things that you like to do- the only way it could possibly be better is if I was made out of flour and tasted like a Triscuit. We only tussle about once a week because you have a tendency to stomp on my groin and it takes me 7-days to recover from the blunt force trauma. This is really the extent of your fighting skill, but what you lack in skill you make up for in physical toughness. You’re like a piece of leather- I can toss you around all day long and you’ll keep coming back for more. If I raise my voice, however; you’ll tear up instantly and bury your face in the couch- luckily, you don’t give me many reasons to raise my voice.

You want to be a big kid because you idolize your brother. You would do anything for him and routinely do. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been out alone and I offered to buy you a piece of candy and your first concern was that I get Mack one too. What kid does that? You’re only six-years old but you’ve all ready adopted a character trait that many adults dismiss out of hand- selflessness. I hope someday Mack realizes the pedestal that you’ve placed him on and becomes the mentor that I know he can be.

Oh, here’s another Cayden tidbit- you’re very concerned about equity. If you give Mom a hug you won’t rest until you track me down and give me one as well. You’re worst fear is that Mom or I will believe that you love one of us more than the other. Even when Mom is out of town you keep track of every hug and kiss that I get so that when she returns she can receive her fair share.

Lately you’ve been counting the days until your birthday and with each reminder that it’s coming you change what you want and how you want to celebrate. Last week it was unlimited tokens at Chuck E. Cheese, last night it was a five kid sleepover, tomorrow it will likely be something different. I would tell you what you want for a gift, but you won’t tell me because if you tell me what you’re wishing for it won’t come true. News flash Pumpkin-Butt if you don’t tell me it’s surely not going to happen, that whole keeping you wishes secret is for wishing wells, shooting stars and birthday candles- get it straight.

Finally, your single most desire in life is to become a “Hershey Bar”. Not a bar of chocolate, but a Hershey Park Hershey Bar. See Hershey Park uses different candy bars as units of measure to determine which kids are big enough to get on what rides. Last year you were a Hershey Kiss and unable to ride the extremely terrifying, shit-your pants roller coasters that your father has no desire to ever get on. But during the off season you’ve been eating extra chicken nuggets, hot dogs and fish sticks because we’ve convinced you that’s the way to reach your goal. I’m really concerned that your going to make the mark and I’ll be sitting next to you this summer on some wooden death trap. You’ll be smiling- eyes crossed, I’ll be the one with his eyes slammed shut mouth open in a silent scream. God help me…

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Teri and the cats of Furrydance posted the following on May 9, 2009 at 10:14 pm.

Sweet…write a book or at least save this blog for them 🙂

Ann Valdez posted the following on May 11, 2009 at 6:00 pm.

Cayden’s old teacher misses those hugs SO MUCH!!!!! Love you all, Ann

mummum posted the following on June 5, 2009 at 12:12 pm.

And he’s my grandson!I am so proud!

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