9 months- 10 seconds- a life time…

October 31, 2009



We worried ourselves sick through both of Connie’s pregnancies.  You see, it wasn’t easy for us to conceive so when it did happen we kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Both of the pregnancies were difficult so that “shoe” always seemed to be dangling nearby.


I don’t remember how many complications we had to endure- but there were many.  I don’t recall how much time Connie spent on bed rest- but it was considerable.  And I can’t tell you how many times we held each other and prayed that our unborn child would be okay- but it was often.  It kind of felt like holding your breath for nine-months- minus the turning blue part


The two pregnancies combined were the longest 18-months of my life.


But here we are; the boys are thriving, happy and as sassy as their old man.  How lucky are we? 


I tell you all of this to explain a concept that I’ve coined the “curse of parenthood”.


For those of you unfamiliar here is the basic premise. 


You spend nine-months wondering if your unborn child will be okay.  When they arrive you enjoy approximately ten-seconds of blissful relief.


It’s during those ten seconds that you fall hopelessly, head-over-heals in love.  A feeling so powerful that you suddenly realize you’ve underestimated the depth of love that one person can feel for another- the love of your child is bottomless.   


Many are moved to tears. 


Others will vow to love their child unconditionally and always.


And some realize that the loss of their child would be a cross to heavy to bear.


I think I did all three.


The 10-seconds of relief ends and suddenly you find yourself right back where you started- worried about your child- this time for the remainder of your life.


That’s the curse.


9 months- 10 seconds- a lifetime…



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Bridget posted the following on October 31, 2009 at 10:49 pm.

Nicely done Shane. Dodging the dangling shoes ourselves.4.5 months to go.

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