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April 14, 2010

5:15 dinner’s on the table

5:17 boy’s are running through the house wearing nothing but baseball cleats and tiny child-sized jock straps.

5:17:01 SHIT!, we’ve got baseball practice in 45 minutes

5:20 For the most part the boys are clothed (-) underpants, the only way anyone will know is if the boys get in a car accident and they’re way to young to drive anyway- so Commando is the way to go!

5:20-5:57 “Cayden take a bite” (repeat this phrase every 10 seconds for a period of 27 minutes and you’ll have an idea of what it’s like to eat in a hurry at the Groah household)

5:58 Grab bat bag, bottled water, camp chair, bike, scooter, helmet, book, (3) seperate snack items and the first aid kit (the unsavory task of lugging this stuff to the truck has presented itself so as usual the boys have magically evaporated).

5:59 Holy shit there’s an outside chance that we won’t be noticeably late (I’m a compulsive guy- tardiness is an unacceptable state of mind when your Shane)

5:59:02 Truck departs

5:59:30 Truck returns to retrieve baseball hat- which is an essential item for baseball (PRACTICE)- or so I’m told by the 9-year old Cal Ripkin riding shotgun.

6:01 Arrive at field drop Mack off.

6:02 Play catch with Cayden while Mack practices.

6:03 Cayden catches a “heater” with his adam’s apple and refuses to rub dirt on it like his old man suggest.

6:03:01-6:10:02 Console youngest son while being glared at by other parents.

This is a 45-minute slice of an average evening in the Groah household during baseball season.  It’s currently 9:12- the boys are asleep and I’m at my computer writing this down so that I won’t forget.  But for the record, I’m not writing this down for birth control purposes.  I’m writing it down because these are the things I’ll miss when my boys no longer need me to pack their bat bag, remember their water bottles or to rub dirt on their injuries.  I want to remember them because right now I’m needed, I hold a special place in my son’s hearts, I’m Dad and for now that’s all the thanks that I need.

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