June 12, 2010

I’ve been really bad about keeping up with my blog lately and I feel horrible about it.  Sometimes I forget that it’s not all about me and that I have a readership (of about 11 people) who are depending on me to consistently deliver witty and insightful parenting dialogue.  But the truth is I’m tired, it’s baseball season, I’ve got a new job, it’s Connie’s birthday month, I’m tired, I just turned forty, salmon takes 9 minutes to defrost in the microwave, a gallon of Carlo Rossi is now more expensive than a gallon of regular gas (who saw that shit coming?), the health care bill passed (sort of), Iran, China blah, blah, blah the excuses are endless and I claim each as a reason for not blogging on a more regular basis.

But truth be told, I’m just tired and there dosen’t seem to be enough time in the day to do everything that I would like to do.  For example, helping Cayden develop his baseball skills (or more appropriately “lack of”).  The poor guy is getting “sympathy applause” from the parental peanut gallery and I would be remiss if I didn’t claim at least partial responsibility for his inability to put ball to bat.  That my friends is a tenant of fatherhood that is as old as the pyramids which I am failing miserably.

Lost it for a minute.  So I’m tired- so much so that tonight when I found a piece of macaroni and cheese laying on our hard wood floor I swept it into a corner instead of bending over and picking it up.  Have you ever swept a wet piece of macaroni and cheese across a hardwood floor?  It’s like pushing a snail.  You can try to hasten the snail along.  You can try to make it go faster.  But a snail is not designed to go fast and regardless of how hard you push, it simply can’t- much like the piece of macaroni I was attempting to sweep across our floor.   But like I said I’m tired and hard headed and that is a dangerous combination of attributes.  So I swept, vigorously I  might add, and what should have been a seconds worth of work became an exercise in futility that resulted in a four foot trail of macaroni guts across our Brazilian cherry hardwood floor.  The fact that I’ve masterfully created an analogy about fatigue which includes snails and macaroni and cheese should be a clear indication that I’m working on reduced mental capacity most likely due to lack of REM state sleep.

The simple solution would be to cut a few things out of my life to create more time for rest- but the fact is when you’re a parent everything that involves your kids seems important so where do you economize?

What do we do as parents that can be stricken from our daily agendas in the name of saving time?  As far as I can tell everything that I do with the guys is essential- from making their meals to pulling down their blankets.  So where is the fluff between the morning Eggo and the evening brush, spit, and rinse? The answer is “there is no fluff” everything you do is important and if you don’t do it the chances of your children  growing up to be reality television celebrities increases significantly- do you really want that weighing on your conscience?

So we “knuckle-up” and we “suck it up” and we drive on because everything we do with our children is an investment in the future.  That’s our (parents) legacy- not the job you hold, not the friends you keep or the home that shelters you in a storm.  Your legacy is the person that your son or daughter will one day become.

Some times I have to remind myself of that- and the funny thing is when I do I suddenly don’t feel so tired 🙂

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Bridget posted the following on June 13, 2010 at 7:18 am.

Nice Shane. You have earned the right to raise our fourth child 🙂

Heather posted the following on June 15, 2010 at 7:04 am.

Amen, Friend!

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