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Where does the time go?

September 4, 2010

 This used to be my favorite picture.

 This is the picture that took its place.

Is it just me or am I the only one getting younger?

This is an email that Connie sent me the other morning while I was at work:


So I had the strangest dream last night…


You and I were sitting outside in the backyard having a glass of wine while the kids played kickball.  Suddenly, your head fell off.  Next thing I know, we’re kicking your head around the yard like a soccer ball.  Yet you were actually fine?  Later we had dinner and your head was back on.


No Honey your dream isn’t strange- it’s disturbing.  But the dream itself isn’t as disturbing as the meaning that may have been assigned to it.  What does this dream really mean?  Should I be concerned?  Do  my children have similar dreams?  Is my “Gourd” the only thing being kicked around in my family’s REM state sleep?


I did a little research to uncover the underlying message of Connie’s dream and I now have a few ideas of just what’s bubbling up in Connie’s subconscious mind. 


1.  How neat, my husband’s head is void of anything of value and can sustain severe trauma without negatively impacting his intellect.


2.  I wouldn’t normally play kick ball, but what the Hell, we’re using Shane’s head…”batter’s up boys, roll me a heater!!!”


3.  As long as his body can still push a vacuum, cook dinner and lift heavy objects who cares if he’s headless?


4.  Tom Hanks had “Wilson” I’ve got “Shane”- hmmm, not sure who got the better deal.


Don’t get me wrong I know that my wife loves me- and honestly, I can’t really blame her for the obvious enjoyment she found punting my head around the backyard to the cheers of my offspring.  The only issue I have with the whole scenario is the improbability of my rolly-polly head being able to sip wine on a fine summer day- and that my friends is an injustice that I am simply unwilling to accept.


Sometimes I rant…

September 1, 2010

In case you don’t know me very well I have a tendency to embellish while I rant. 

The truth is the family and I had a great time in Canada.  And  even though it was expensive (what vacation spot isn’t) and the potential for getting drenched is significant I would still recommend making the trek.  After all, every kid should see the “Falls” at least once before they become old, bitter and cheap- and no, I am not referring to myself.

If asked what the high light of the trip was for me however, it wouldn’t be the Falls.  The high light for me was spending some time with a group of friends that we met on  our cruise last winter.  They live in Canada and when they got word that we were crossing the border into their backyard they packed up the family and came down to hang with us. 

You guys made the trip.   Connie, the boys and I are really looking forward to meeting up with you soon- we have so much to catch up on and talk “aboot”.

C-ya soon- S